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3 Easy Steps to a Perfect Logo


People ask us all the time, “what process do you go through to create a new logo for me?” It’s almost as if they’re scared they’ll get stuck with a logo they hate- one that they paid hard-earned money for. However, the design process we’ve created is fairly simple, and we’ve formulated it to bring you a logo that you’ll love.

We put Jessica Lauren through the design process, and honestly, the first two logos would be a perfect fit for a different brand. Jessica knew exactly what she wanted, and we followed her mind to design what she saw there.


Our process is really easy:

1). We ask you to send us a few samples of work you like. If you don’t have any, we’ll send you a few sites to pick out your inspiration.

2). We ask you three questions about your design aesthetics, business model, and personal style.

3). We run with your design, and come back to you with a sample or two.

That’s just about it! After the first sample, we’ll revise your logo (depending on how many revisions you’d like), until we come up with your perfect design. Contact us at and we’ll start this process for you, today!