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3 Tips for Marketing a New Brand of E-Cigs


Any time you’re launching a new brand within a highly competitive industry like the e-cig market, it goes without saying that you’ll have to do exhaustive research and competitive analysis to secure a profitable position. In fact, without a significant preliminary effort, there’s a good chance that a new brand of e-cigs will fail completely or remain relatively stagnant during its first year of business. Indeed, picking up momentum in this industry is no easy task considering how many alternatives you’ll be competing with, but the reward of successfully pulling it off can be bountiful. With that said, here are a few tips you can use to maximize your e-cig brand’s chances of success:

1. Work with an Agency that Specializes in the Niche

While all forms of marketing have similarities, there’s a specific set of features and attributes that e-cig users look for when making purchasing decisions. Thus, it makes sense to work with a marketing agency that has extensive experience in driving traffic within the e-cig and vape industry. Eventige is a highly popular example of such an agency, having helped dozens of e-cig providers reach desirable positions within their respective categories.

2. Introduce Unique Flavors and Features

Aside from producing specialized marketing materials and site design, it’s a good idea to start with a firm foundation by launching products that include offer features and flavors not found anywhere else. Although this might seem like a guaranteed way to get ahead, keep in mind that it may be easier said than done if you don’t have the funds to invest in conceptual manufacturing and flavor making (fortunately there are DIY recipe options as well). Still, for the resourceful entrepreneur or inventor, contributing something new is certainly within the scope of do-ability.

3. Make Your Brand Visible on Major Online Vaping Forums

The online vape community is massive and its members love sharing the newest fads and trends with each other. Whether you have something completely unique to offer or not, having your brand present and active on the top vaping forums is a great way to build up an initial client base that will fuel startup momentum via digital word of mouth. This method of spreading brand awareness also provides ideal inbound linking opportunities, as you’ll be able to link to your official site and/or blog within your forum signatures. Plus, staying available on the most popular forums is a good way to provide an additional support/contact method for existing customers and prospective partners.

Network with Local Vape Shops to Build Distribution Channels

Finally, while many new brands are overly focused on online marketing, networking with local shops is a great way to build distribution connections. After showcasing your product to a number of shops, eventually, one of them will probably place a wholesale order so that they can be one of the first to provide your new product. Vape enthusiasts love trying out new devices and flavors, so making your product available locally is a good way to encourage impulse buying.