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How to Create the Perfect Facebook Page


Facebook is the social giant in the digital world. Not only do they have 2 billion users they also own other social media giants like Instagram. If you want to increase the online presence of your brand, you need to have a Facebook Page. Whereas before Facebook pages were relatively simple, now they have many options depending on the kind of page you want to build. Here’s how to create the perfect Facebook Page for your brand:

Fill Out All Basic Information

This is where Facebook will ask you for your page’s name, the kind of page you are creating, and other basic business information. It’s the bare bones of your Facebook Page. You don’t need to worry too much about this information though, as you can change what you put in later.

Fill Out the Descriptive Information

This is where it gets a bit more personal. You will have to come up with a short, clever description for your page that fits in a sentence or two. You will also have to input information like your URL, upload a profile picture, add any other sub-category tags that are relevant, and choose a username for your page.

Photo Dimensions

When you are uploading images for your profile picture or cover picture, dimensions are imperative. The ideal profile picture size should be 180 x 180 pixels, for instance. If you upload a file that is too big or too small, Facebook will likely damage the image through compression or expansion. The same goes for your cover photo. To make the process of creating an engaging banner, use a free cover photo maker that not only fits Facebook’s dimensions, but also matches with your brand image.

Fill Out the Rest of the Profile

There are a lot of things to fill out on your profile that Facebook won’t prompt you to do. You can add a longer, more detailed description, a mission statement, services you offer, events, photos, albums, and much more. Fill out everything you can. The more detailed a page you have, the more useful it is to visitors.

Add Contributors

Managing a page is hard! It takes a lot of time and commitment. Assign different roles to people so that they can manage various aspects on your Facebook Page.


Post regularly with engaging, various content for optimal results. Facebook’s algorithm means that it will be an uphill battle in turning likes into engagement without advertising, but you need to first have a page worth engaging with.

Facebook is a tool that comes with a lot of catches. You need to learn the ins and outs of the company to manage a page that directs traffic to your website successfully. Creating content that users like and share is the only way to boost your page’s engagement rates. Until then, you will have to rely on Facebook Advertising, as the company has tailored Facebook user’s feeds to show their friend’s posts, rather than pages that they’ve liked. These users must engage with your Facebook Page for your page to show up on their timeline. Creating a perfect Facebook Page is the first step.