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How to Deliver a Kick Ass Web Design Presentation


So, you have managed to get a chance to pitch a client that you really want to win. You need to make sure the presentation you deliver at this crucial meeting really impresses the audience, and shows off what you have to offer. Whether this is your first ever pitch presentation as a new web design company, or you have been to dozens of these meetings before, it is always worth putting some extra effort into refining both the presentation itself, and how you deliver it. Here are some things to think about to ensure you kick ass with your web design pitches every time:

The Slides Are Not Your Only Visual Aids

When you want to look professional, and enforce the identity of your brand strongly, remember you have more things at your disposal than the presentation slides alone. Make sure you dress in a way that fits with your brand. Are you slick and smart? If so, wear a sharp suit. Are you modern, quirky and innovative? Dress in a way that fits your brand persona. You are a big part of your brand. If you have someone else presenting with you, of course you probably aren’t going to plan and coordinate outfits together, but agree on a level of dress – it can look confusing to see a woman in a suit presenting alongside a guy in jeans and an ironic t-shirt. You should also think about things you might hold or have in front of you that could be branded. A company logo decal on your laptop, or professional, branded folders (which you can get custom made from can give subtle reminders of your branding to people in the room and make your company look more professional.

Talk About Features and Benefits

In your presentation, you are likely to want to show some examples of sites you have designed. This is of course a good way to show off your skills in terms of creating something attractive. However, rather than focusing just on how nice or user friendly the sites you show are, consider explaining some of the features you chose to add in. As you do this, talk about what the benefits of these are, and why you chose them. This shows the client something of your thought process, and how you find relevant solutions to suit different clients. You don’t have to get too technical, but showing interesting things you implemented and talking about why they work so well gives the impression you can offer more than just a pretty site.

Talk About the Process You Are Offering

You don’t just need to convince the client you can deliver them a great website design, but also that you will be good to work with. Explain the process you anticipate will be needed to design their site. Will you meet with them to discuss ideas? Will you produce a few mock ups and ask them to choose a direction? Think about how you would work with them and how involved they will want to be, and include the process you propose in your pitch.

These are some things people often don’t consider when they go to make a presentation, but which can make all the difference.