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How To Improve Your Creative Writing Skills


Creative writing can be fun, that’s what it is meant to be after all. It is an avenue through which a writer gets to express themselves. It is not easy though to constantly come up with amazing pieces of work. At times, it is nothing short of a daunting task. You get stuck in a rut sometimes, with absolutely no idea how to start or end an article. Such moments can make you lose confidence in your writing. That can be very tragic. These tips can be helpful in overcoming the challenges in creative writing and come up with impressive work;

Note everything down

Having ideas is the first step to a great story. These ideas can, however, be forgotten or get mixed up in the head such that you spend more time unraveling the puzzle than put the ideas to work. Always write down every idea that comes to your head concerning the work. Choice of words and grammar don’t matter at this stage. Writing the ideas down can also be eye-opening and expose you to a whole new idea you hadn’t thought of.

Have fun

If you don’t have fun in what you do, the boredom you had when creating the piece manifests itself in the works and puts off the reader. Enjoy what you are doing. Once you start getting stuck, find new fun ways of doing the work before you become fully immersed in writer’s block. You can even make memes for your writing at Derp Face Meme Generator.

Don’t ignore details

It is true that no detail is too small to be left out. Add as many details to the characters in your writing as you can. While things like the character’s shirt color, height and body odor may be inconsequential to you, it creates a mental picture in your reader and retains their interest in your work. Details give life to your story.

Change tact

When you get stuck, find a new way of getting the work done. Sometimes a change is all you need. If you were typing on a laptop, you can try changing back to pen and paper. Change of location can also freshen the mind and keep you going. You can also go for a walk to give the mind a break before picking it up again. Find the inspiration wherever you can. It is normal to get stuck, don’t beat yourself over it. The only thing you shouldn’t do is think of giving up.

Take criticism

Criticism, especially when negative, is scary. It’s important in writing can never be overstated though. Learn to take criticism well if you want to improve your writing. Ask family and friends for genuine comments about your work. If you can find a mentor to work with, the better. If some part of your work received negative reviews, learn how to cut it off. You may have labored to come up with it, but it needs to go if it isn’t helping the overall picture. It is better to have a short interesting story than a long dull one. Finally, celebrate your successes no matter how little they are. It gives you the fire to keep going.