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The Link Between Branding and Employee Engagement


Business managers have to juggle many concepts to achieve their desired level of organizational performance. Sometimes the concepts are interlinked and changing, and just one concept will affect the outcome of the others. Hence, managers must develop a holistic plan that includes all critical brand concepts to improve performance.

Branding and employee engagement are perfect examples of interlinked business concepts. Employer branding focuses on the people that a company wants to attract or hire. Employee engagement involves the people who are already working for the company. Read on and discover the link between the two concepts.

Attracting and Retaining the Right Candidates

The approach used in employer branding determines the kind of talents that an organization attracts. Branding enables companies to present themselves as the best employers on the job market. A good website design and consistent engagement on social media may attract the best talent to an organization. When a company hires the right candidates, the level of employee engagement improves. The new employees are motivated to work for a leading brand and are likely to maintain high levels of performance.

Sometimes companies use the level of employee engagement, especially after hiring new employees, to evaluate their branding strategies. In addition, an improvement in the performance, productivity, and motivation of old employees is a sign of effective employer branding. Organizations can seek the services of employee survey companies such as to collect the views of their employees on the prevailing branding strategies.


Managers must consider the type of employees they want to attract when designing their communication strategies. Effective communication strategies should be relevant to the audience. For instance, a company’s website layout should be appealing to the target candidates. The marketing messages and content should create a desire in potential employees to work with the company.

Another link between employee engagement and branding is the channel used to connect with potential employees. Any business that intends to attract young talent must have active social media accounts. Young people spend hours every day on social media, which makes it one of the best channels to engage top young talent.

Recommendations from Employees

Sometimes the best source of top talents is internal. Evaluating employee engagement helps HR managers determine the level of employee satisfaction. Satisfied employees will tell their peers about the employer. The employees become effective tools of building their employer’s brand. When a company’s branding strategies are effective, employees will be so proud to work in the company that they will invite their friends to work with the same company.

One way of increasing employee engagement is through recognition and incentives. When employees receive rewards or incentives for their good performance, they improve their productivity and interactions with their managers. Employees will recommend their employers to others if they feel valued and appreciated. Employee survey companies can help employers to determine the expectation of their current employees and measure the effectiveness of their reward and recognition programs.

Organizations can improve their overall performance by taking advantage of the link between employee engagement and branding. Effective branding will attract the right candidates who will be motivated to give their best performance. Increasing employee engagement through rewards and recognition will lead to higher levels of employee performance and recommendations.