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Loftey and the Big Move to New York City


Moving to a new city can be an intimidating adventure, and while you might be excited to move to one of the greatest cities anywhere in the world, the whole process is going to be much easier if you’re prepared for it. New York City has a lot to offer and can be a great place to live in, but you still have to make sure that you’re ready for it. There are a few things you need to take into consideration when deciding to move to the Big Apple.

Make sure you’re ready for it financially. Make sure you find the apartment that is right for your budget. One great way to do that is by using Loftey. Instead of having to deal with a number of landlords and brokers, Loftey does the legwork for you and will set up appointments, organize the lease signing, and streamline the whole searching process. With years of experience with Chelsea apartments, Loftey also specializes in matching you with affordable rents within specific neighborhoods. Through the relationships the company built with various buildings and brokers, Loftey will make sure to find the right place for you and will reduce your rent by $25 to $200. It’s an ideal way to save money and find a place where you don’t have to pay market rent.

You should also take into consideration other financial aspects, such as the cost of utilities and transportation. You can try to find a place that is somewhat close to your workplace or to a subway or bus stop. This could end up saving you some money in the long run and also time and effort. New York has the largest public transportation fleet, which means it shouldn’t be too difficult to get around. You might want to consider getting a monthly pass to save some time and not buy a ticket every time you ride the bus or subway.

Depending on where you’re moving from, you might want to pack some heavy coats, as winters in New York can be pretty brutal. The temperature dips into single digits, and the city averages a few feet of snow annually, as well as a blizzard or two. Having some winter gear can make a huge difference.

One other thing you’re going to want to make a budget for is the food. Depending on how much time you have on your hands and how experienced you are in the kitchen, cooking at home can end up saving some money, but at the same time the city has a lot of restaurants and delivery services that you can enjoy. You can almost always find some promotion that you can take advantage of and save money, so eating out or ordering food shouldn’t be too much of a problem for your budget.

Last but not least you should remember to enjoy yourself. The city has a large number of attractions and places to visit, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the Prospect Park, and there’s always more to explore. The city is comprised of Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and The Bronx. Make sure you check around and take advantage of what the city has to offer.