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How to take your DIY Logo further with an actual human designer


When we first started Typeset, one of our favorite things to do was to work with startups. The raw energy, the passion and drive- it’s so addictive. However, startups lacked one thing essential to creating a successful brand: funding. Five years ago, I would have strongly recommended that most startups use a firm to create a brand and site, but after working with hundreds of startups, and learning what drives them, I now recommend they start cheap, get the basics in place and then after they’ve raised funding, invest in growing and expanding their brand.

A New Partnership

That’s why I’m so excited to announce our new partnership with an awesome company that we believe fills many of the gaps for our startup clients: Logojoy is a company that allows all kinds of people to create amazingly affordable logos, quickly and easily. They work great in conjunction with services like Squarespace, that allow you to easily launch a basic website for a small business venture. Our partnership is pretty simple- when Logojoy has a company that needs more advanced logo work, they’ve agreed to send them our way so we can run them through a more customized process.

So How Do We Do It?

You’ve had your brand’s logo designed at a site like Logojoy and now want to give it the finished touch before you unveil it to the world. Ordinarily we’d ask to see examples of logos you like for inspiration, but you’ve done that already. Together we’ll flesh that logo out into a beautiful branding package that can be used across multiple platforms including both print and digital media. Here’s what you can expect when you approach us for help to crystalize your existing logo design.

Planning and discussion phase

This is where we’ll sit down with you for a big discussion to find out exactly what you want to achieve. We’ll get to know your brand intimately so we can develop a true vision of how best to market it to the masses. The more info you can give us here, the better the finished product will be.

Draft phase

This is when we’ll take the info you gave us in the previous phase to come up with a variety of high quality logo concepts to take your logo from a basic idea, to a high quality brand.

Revision phase

Once you’ve seen our concepts you can suggest any revisions you like, which we’ll continue to implement until we’ve created the perfect logo.

Logo delivery service

When your logo is ready, we’ll deliver it in a professional package that consists of lots of different file sizes and image formats for your use.

Printing support service

Finally, our professional printing support service is where we work with the printer to make sure they’re able to use the files we’ve provided to print to your specifications.

We work hard here. We care about our customers and we always go the extra mile to exceed their expectations, so give us a try! Give us a call for a free quote and a chat about how we can help you with your next project or brand expansion.