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Logo Design

Great logos and branding are foundational to businesses. Think of some of the tops brands today: Apple, Nike and BMW. They’re classy right? Their logos were hand-crafted by great designers, and they’ve stuck with the companies as they grew and evolved into what they are today. People respect these companies, and sales are often driven simply by brand recognition and the quality associated with their products. Next to yourself, your logo is key to your business’ success.

We’ll work with you one-on-one, using our unique design discovery process, to flesh out your logo and move it from your head to paper.

Starting at $2,217

Website Design

While logo design encompasses your brand and starts your company off on the right foot with customers, web design is really the pivot point for most people. Your website is where your content lives, and where you draw people into your business. We work exclusively with the WordPress CMS to create dynamic sites with amazing search engine optimization. That means your site stays at the top of the search results and you get more people to your site.

All of our sites are mobile friendly, and look great on any device. We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to create a site that’s a home for your business.

Starting at $2,823


Printing is where rubber hits the road, isn’t it? You hand your business cards to a client, you ship your book to people, you hand a cup of coffee to someone with a label on it that represents your business. People touch your design, and they feel the time that’s invested. It makes an impression on them. Good branding, quality printing, and great content are as important to your business as any marketing campaign is.

We love print materials, because they give us the chance to take our minds out of the digital, and lay out hands on on something physical. Let’s work on your project next!

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“Since my very first email to you, we’ve created a new logo, website, and business cards! Thank you for your encouragement. I know that I can still shoot you guys an email when I need some advice, or simply someone to talk to.” Annie Photography

“I was excited and nervous to see what you had come up with. I could not be happier or more delighted with the result. That logo, I LOVE IT. It is exactly what I envisioned.” Ellie Berry

“Typeset Design has helped me elevate my brand to new levels! Their work on my website went beyond my expectations and I have been so thrilled with the outcome. I know that I can [and will] continue to email with questions and Typeset will be ready to help!” Laura Radniecki

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Increase Your Revenue & Leads!

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