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How to Find a Great Hosting Solution in 3 Easy Steps


If you’ve been involved in some sort of online business, or even if you’re totally new to working online, you should already know how important web hosting is to a business. However, with all the choices for web hosts out there, it can be difficult to make a sound decision. In this article, we’re going to give you some essential tips on how to find the perfect web hosting service for your business. Let’s go!

Know Your Needs

This should really be the first step on your list. Depending on the level of traffic you expect each month, or the type of content you will be hosting, it is important to choose a web hosting plan that will be able to support your needs. Will you be hosting a simple site, like a WordPress blog for instance? Does your website need a special form of software? Do you want a website that runs on Windows or Linux? These are all important questions you’ll need to ask before you choose a web host.

Knowing the Different Types of Hosting

In many cases, most business owners will not need a full dedicated server. If you’ll only be running a small website with limited traffic and options, a shared hosting plan might be perfect for you.

Shared hosting is a form of hosting where multiple sites are stored on the same server. The main advantage of this is price of course with many shared hosting plans starting at under $12.50 per month. However, one of the worst issues with shared hosting sites is that since they are shared with other websites, the performance of another site may affect yours. For instance, if another site on the server is experiencing a sudden traffic surge, your site may be slowing down as a result.

Another form of hosting that is popular at the moment is cloud web hosting. Best Web Hosting is an example of a web host that specializes in cloud based web hosting. What separates cloud hosting from other forms is that it uses many individual servers and uses them as one big server. The point of cloud based hosting is to allow owners to expand their hardware grid as their needs progress. The main advantage is that you’ll be able to handle huge spikes in traffic without your site closing down.

The last form of hosting we’re going to touch on are virtual private servers. Virtual private servers, or VPSs for short, are similar to shared hosting plans in many ways. However, the main difference is that instead of being all dependent on each other, each site is completely independent on a VPS server, even if they’re all hosted on the same physical server. Virtual private servers have most the advantages of the shared hosting plans, but are a little costlier and plans are evaluated depending on the guaranteed CPU and RAM power you’ll need.

Last Points

Before you choose a web host, make sure that you check their reputation and ask around to see how the brand is viewed by its users. Also make sure that you check what their up time statistics are as this is the most important aspect of any web based business. If you follow the tips in this article, you should be able to find a great web host in no time!