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Tired of waiting weeks for changes to your web design in Lexington, KY?

We hate the typical design firm system, so we made something better.

We’ve been doing web design in Lexington, KY for just two years, but we started design work when there wasn’t any need for a website to look good on a phone- the smart phone hadn’t been invented yet. 10 years ago in Chicago, we didn’t even have hashtags or the Facebook news feed, and there we were, building websites for small businesses. As technology has grown and the way that online presence merges with physical business has changed, we’ve been evolving, growing, and supporting our clients along the way.

We started out with one goal in mind: building accessible brands and websites for our clients. Today, nothing about that goal has changed, as we combine branding, high quality websites, photography and beautiful video into complete showcases for your business. First impressions don’t just happen at the storefront anymore, they happen when you client searches your name online. We want to make sure that they find the information they’re looking for and that they’re drawn into your brand and the message you’re trying to communicate.

When we started working on web design in Lexington, KY, in we noticed that our clients needed constant communication about where we were at in the design process. So we developed a system that most design firms hadn’t ever heard of. From the start of our unique drafting phase to completion and launch of your website, we’re guiding you step-by-step, keeping you advised on timelines and even after launch, continuing to support your business to maximize the impact of your brand. We want to see your company grow, and we want to help you achieve your goals.

We’re a Lexington business, specializing high quality web design in Lexington, KY.

Case Study

Coffee Times Coffee House, Lexington, Kentucky.

Old Site
New Site

“I loved working with Typeset Design. In 30 years of business in the Lexington area, I’ve never had someone come into my business, work on the website exactly like we talked about, and actually add a great element to my company.”

Terri, Owner of Coffee Times Coffee House

Coffee Times Coffee House, Recipient of our Web Design in Lexington, KY

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